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Holding Hands


Bonded Since the Beginning

The concept for the Big Sisters Project was conceived at a young women's business conference in 2020.  Our founder, Anika Lakhani, was humbled and inspired to meet many fellow passionate young women at the conference; she wished that there was a way to bottle up this inspiration and give it to girls looking to make a community impact.  Many of the attendees at the conference felt the same way, so Anika recruited eight other young women that day to create what is now known as the Big Sisters Project.

About Us: History
Happy Young Girls


The reason the BSP Team gets up every morning with a smile on their face!

The Big Sisters Project provides young women with free tools and support to materialize their passions and contribute to a network of inspiration.

About Us: Mission


At the BSP, we strive to inspire with ease:



S isterhood

E mpowerrment

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About Us: Values


Who We Are



Founder; Executive Director

Anika is currently a senior at Henry M. Gunn High School who is passionate about activism and entrepreneurship.  She is so excited to work with such an inspiring group of mentors to enact change in her community as well as abroad!



Big Sister (Mentor)

Hi!  My name is Antara and I’m probably one of the most energetic, passionate, opinionated people you’ll ever meet! I love meeting new people and having a good time, but I am also definitely a hard worker and an avid scheduler. I love food, cooking, baking, get the picture! I’m particularly interested in coding, entrepreneurship, and promoting general humanity and welfare.



Coordination Manager

Hi! My name is Athina. I love playing golf and I have one older sister. I enjoy hanging out with friends, eating ice cream, and tasting my cooking fails. I’m also a Sagittarius and I love trying new things.

Girl with Pink Shirt


Big Sister (Mentor)

Hi! My name is Avani Vinod! I have an older brother, and I love the outdoors. I love traveling and my main place that I would love to visit right about now is probably a long trip all around Europe. One big thing about me is that I am super dedicated to my classical dancing, and it’s a large part of my life! As a high schooler one of the biggest projects that I have spent a lot of time on is reducing the stigma on mental health, and helping to aware my community about it as it truly is something that impacts everyone. I really love Netflix as well, so if anyone ever needs a show recommendation, feel free to reach out to me:)

Camilla's Photo!


Big Sister (Mentor)

Hi!  My name is Camilla, and I’m a very quirky/passionate girl who believes in our generation (thanks to people like you all!) and is very optimistic about the future (I still love to watch pessimistic sci-fi movies though!). For me, personal fulfillment comes from being creative as I have a deep appreciation for uncommon beauty and witty turns of phrase. One day, I hope to find a way of integrating science, engineering, design and art, in which the input of each domain is the output for the other, into my work.

Claire's Photo!


Big Sister (Mentor)

Hi! I’m Claire, and I’m very open-minded and creative! I have loved animals since I was six months old (yes, six months!) and am also passionate about photography and theater, as well as science and math! I am obsessed with the Christmas season (yes, it is a season!) and I personally believe it begins in October!! Each and every one of us is so incredibly unique. Our generation has the power to literally change the world, and I believe each person can make a difference. We are all in this together!

About Us: Team Members
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