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Welcome to the BSP Blog!

Hello! We are honored to welcome you to the Big Sisters Project blog.

In a world fixated on silencing young women, it is especially imperative that we do not lose sight of the future-- the next generation of superwomen. We at the Big Sisters Project envision a strong community of girls building each other up, creating relationships, and learning about ways to channel their passions into change-making ventures.

Our curriculum is designed by young women for young women and addresses not only lifelong entrepreneurial skills, but also lessons specific to being a woman in the workplace. We are excited to provide our annual BSP Summer Course to young women, and we aim to craft a supportive environment that allows our Little Sisters’ creativity to be fostered.

Though hand-selected, our mentors, or Big Sisters, participate entirely on a voluntary basis, their intent being solely to teach and inspire using their own personal experiences as young women in the business and entrepreneurial world. Our mentors are there for our mentees, or Little Sisters, at every step of their journey-- as teachers, friends, and most importantly, as Big Sisters.

Thank you for your support, and we can’t wait to publish more inspiring content!

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