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Alexa Curtis -- How Passion Inspires

Alexa Curtis, the founder and CEO of Life Unfiltered With Alexa and the Be Fearless Summit, is a self-taught activist and entrepreneur. Life Unfiltered With Alexa began as a fashion blog when Curtis was in middle school; since then, it has developed into a powerful social media and mental health advocacy platform. Recent topics of discussion range from serious matters to light-hearted ones. For example, the platform houses posts about the Black Lives Matter movement, including an article for parents talking to their children about racism and ways in which one can help overcome racial injustice, as well as summer handbag ideas and suggestions for healthy eating habits.

Throughout her journey, which has resulted in multiple sponsorships, radio and television interviews, and an Instagram following of nearly 18,000 accounts, Curtis’ sole motivation has been to inspire. “The only reason that I ever started this was because when I was growing up, I felt like there was never anyone that I could really relate to as a young person”, Curtis shared. “My goal was that I would be able to fill that void that I wished I had growing up.” Many of the topics she discusses have been real issues that Curtis has faced throughout her life, and she now hopes to use her own experiences to provide guidance to others. A favorite topic of discussion has been mental health: “I love talking about mental health. I suffer with anxiety and depression myself, so it's really authentic for me to talk about that,” Curtis said.

The key tool that Curtis emphasized was the ability to be true to oneself.

Curtis is a self-taught entrepreneur; she never received official instruction on how to exist in the business world, yet the key tool that Curtis emphasized was the ability to be true to oneself. “Do it because you're filling a void, you're trying to help someone -- not because you're trying to be famous, or super wealthy,” she advised. “If you have the gut, like you want to be an entrepreneur, but you don't know what to do, just wait and manifest your ideas. Something will eventually come to you.” Curtis’ honest and inspiring persona reminds us all that we determine our own success, and to be truly “successful” is to be genuine and own your work.

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