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LinkedIn in the Workplace-- Part 2

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Welcome to the second post of our two-part blog series on LinkedIn in the Workplace! To read our previous article, click here.

LinkedIn, launched in 2003 by Reid Hoffman and other team members, is an online business networking platform that has flourished in the rising age of social media and e-connection. Especially due to the increased importance placed on college applications for high schoolers, many young adults run LinkedIn accounts to increase visibility to recruiters, meet industry professionals, and stay up-to-date on current events within their future occupational field.

Given the importance of LinkedIn in modern business, a LinkedIn profile can often replace a verbal introduction and handshake as the first impression you make to potential employers.

Given the importance of LinkedIn in modern business, a LinkedIn profile can often replace a verbal introduction and handshake as the first impression you make to potential employers. As such, it is critical to strategically build a LinkedIn profile that will reflect positively on you. Here is our second set of tips for creating a successful LinkedIn profile!

1. Pick skills and have your friends or coworkers endorse you.

Having endorsements on your profile, in which people recommend you for your skills, helps make your skills more legitimate. Additionally, if your coworkers are willing, they can even write positive reviews for you, which shows the positive impact you’ve made at other places. However, be honest in this section: when choosing whom to ask for endorsements, choose people who have truly seen those skills in action rather than friends who are willing to do you a favor to boost your profile.

2. Group your accomplishments.

Under the same vein of organization and avoiding overcrowding, if a lot of your awards fall under the same category, make one category for each award and list each individual title in the description portion. It’s easiest to sift through these accomplishments to see all the different areas you’ve been involved in and recognized for. Just like you might need a narrative in college apps, a narrative in achievements helps recruiters better understand your passions. On this same thread, put your most relevant experiences at the top and add your more tangential experiences towards the bottom.

3. Add your languages.

This is crucial, as a lot of companies can especially benefit from employees who speak different languages and can better engage with a unique part of their customer base. Make sure to be honest: only include languages as “professional working capacity” if you’d be comfortable using them in an everyday job. The last thing you’d want to do is falsely claim to know Swahili and be asked by your employer to use your language on the job!

4. Follow pages that interest you.

This is crucial to knowing about job opportunities and news that are tailored to your passions and interests. If you’re interested in working in foreign policy, a great page to follow would be the United Nations. It’ll improve your news feed and give you quick access to current events in your field of interest.

5. Keep your posts professional.

This is the last and potentially most important piece of advice. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is designed for connecting with potential employers and colleagues. Every post you make should be appropriate to the platform, on-topic, and devoid of inappropriate language or commentary. Don’t be afraid to display your accomplishments -- but maybe don’t post those doggy photoshoot pictures on LinkedIn.


With these 10 total tips, you’re ready to compile a professional LinkedIn profile that will attract future employers. Good luck on your journey!

Feel free to follow the Big Sisters Project on LinkedIn for business tips and updates on what’s new at the BSP! Happy networking!

Nikki is a prominent member of the Big Sisters journalism team and enjoys sharing knowledge & inspiration via blog posts to the BSP community. Read her blog post about women in the workplace here, or check out her previous post containing 5 additional LinkedIn tips.

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