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Our most popular and comprehensive offering. Signups are now open!

The BSP Summer Course is a free, online, 10-week social entrepreneurship program.  We match our Little Sisters, or mentees, with Big Sisters, or mentors, to provide personalized assistance in their creation of a socially conscious venture.  Each Little Sister or team of Little Sisters will develop their own organization or initiative throughout the course and, by the end of the course, will be ready to create a tangible impact in their respective communities.

Another cornerstone of the BSP Summer Course is women's empowerment.  Our last week of the program focuses on bringing inspiring stories from women in the workforce to our Little Sisters and fostering connections as a Summer Course Cohort.  In addition to building practical skills in business and entrepreneurship, Little Sisters will feel empowered as young women to support fellow women in business.

*We also welcome applications from nonbinary applicants or applicants who otherwise fit outside the gender binary. We are an LGBTQQAI+ supportive organization.

The BSP Summer Course: Youth Programs
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